Instance Property


The Home screen dynamic quick actions for your app; available on devices that support 3D Touch.


var shortcutItems: [UIApplicationShortcutItem]? { get set }


Set this property to register an array of dynamic quick actions to display on the Home screen when a user presses your app icon. Read this property to retrieve the currently registered Home screen dynamic quick actions.

The items in the shortcutItems array are instances of the UIApplicationShortcutItem class, and are therefore immutable.

The system populates the displayed set of Home screen quick actions, starting at the top, first with your static quick actions. Only if there are additional positions available does it also show your dynamic quick actions, up to the system-defined limit.

The onscreen ordering of your Home screen quick actions reflects the ordering in your UIApplicationShortcutItems array (if that array contains items) and the ordering of the items in the shortcutItems array (if any are displayed).