Instance Method


Specifies the minimum amount of time that must elapse between background fetch operations.


func setMinimumBackgroundFetchInterval(_ minimumBackgroundFetchInterval: TimeInterval)



The minimum number of seconds that must elapse before another background fetch can be initiated. This value is advisory only and does not indicate the exact amount of time expected between fetch operations.


This property has no effect for apps that do not have the UIBackgroundModes key with the fetch value in its Info.plist file.

The default fetch interval for apps is backgroundFetchIntervalNever. Therefore, you must call this method and set a fetch interval before your app is given background execution time.

See Also

Fetching Content in the Background

class let backgroundFetchIntervalMinimum: TimeInterval

The smallest fetch interval supported by the system.

class let backgroundFetchIntervalNever: TimeInterval

A fetch interval large enough to prevent fetch operations from occurring.

let UIMinimumKeepAliveTimeout: TimeInterval

The minimum amount of time (measured in seconds) an app may run a critical background task in the background.