Instance Method


Asks the system to update any system UI associated with the specified scene.


- (void)requestSceneSessionRefresh:(UISceneSession *)sceneSession;



The session whose scene you want to update.


Call this method when your scene is in the background and any part of your scene's visible appearance changes. For example, call this method after updating your scene's content to let the system know your scene's snapshot requires refreshing. You don't need to call this method when your scene is running in the foreground.

See Also

Creating, Destroying, and Updating Scenes

- requestSceneSessionActivation:userActivity:options:errorHandler:

Asks the system to activate an existing scene, or create a new scene and associate it with your app.

- requestSceneSessionDestruction:options:errorHandler:

Asks the system to dismiss an existing scene and remove it from the app switcher.