Instance Method


Asks the delegate to respond to a request from a paired WatchKit app.


optional func application(_ application: UIApplication, handleWatchKitExtensionRequest userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]?, reply: @escaping ([AnyHashable : Any]?) -> Void)



Your singleton app object.


A dictionary provided by the WatchKit app with the request information. Use the data in this dictionary to process the request from the WatchKit app.


A block to execute with the results of the request. This block has no return value and takes the following parameter:


A dictionary containing data to return to the WatchKit app. The contents of the dictionary must be serializable to a property list file. The contents of this dictionary are at your discretion and you may specify nil.


If your iOS app and WatchKit app coordinate efforts to perform certain tasks, implement this method and use it to respond to requests from the WatchKit app. After finishing the request, execute the provided reply block (if any) to return the results.

Because this method is likely to be called while your app is in the background, call the beginBackgroundTask(withName:expirationHandler:) method at the start of your implementation and the endBackgroundTask(_:) method after you have processed the reply and executed the reply block. Starting a background task ensures that your app is not suspended before it has a chance to send its reply.