An image you can optionally associate with a Home screen quick action to improve its appearance and usability.


To associate an icon with a quick action, pass it to the quick action item’s initialization method, as described in UIApplicationShortcutItem.

There are three types of quick action icon:


Creating a Quick Action Icon

init(type: UIApplicationShortcutIconType)

Creates a Home screen quick action icon using a system-defined image.

init(templateImageName: String)

Creates a Home screen quick action icon based on an image in your app’s bundle, preferably in an asset catalog.

init(contact: CNContact)

Creates a Home screen quick action icon from the picture for a contact if available, or else creates a monogram from the contact name.


enum UIApplicationShortcutIconType

Constants for system-provided icons.


Inherits From

See Also

Home Screen

class UIApplicationShortcutItem

An application shortcut item, also called a Home screen dynamic quick action, that specifies a user-initiated action for your app.

class UIMutableApplicationShortcutItem

An item that specifies a configurable user-initiated action for your app (the item is also called a mutable Home screen dynamic quick action).