Instance Property


The optional, user-visible subtitle for the Home screen dynamic quick action.


var localizedSubtitle: String? { get }


If you specify a subtitle for a quick action, the system then displays the title on a single line (potentially with an ellipsis character), no matter how long the title is.

To internationalize the subtitle for a Home screen dynamic quick action, employ the NSLocalizedString Foundation function, described in Foundation Functions, along with a Localized.strings file in your Xcode project.

See Also

Inspecting a Home Screen Dynamic Quick Action

var localizedTitle: String

The required, user-visible title for the Home screen dynamic quick action.

var type: String

A required, app-specific string that you employ to identify the type of quick action to perform.

var icon: UIApplicationShortcutIcon?

The optional icon for the Home screen dynamic quick action.

var userInfo: [String : NSSecureCoding]?

Optional, app-specific information that you can provide for use when your app performs the Home screen quick action.