Instance Property


The width of the item.


var width: CGFloat { get set }


If this property value is positive, the width of the combined image and title are fixed. If the value is 0.0 or negative, the item sets the width of the combined image and title to fit. This property is ignored if the style uses radio mode. The default value is 0.0.

See Also

Getting and Setting Properties

var target: AnyObject?

The object that receives an action when the item is selected.

var action: Selector?

The selector defining the action message to send to the target object when the user taps this bar button item.

var style: UIBarButtonItem.Style

The style of the item.

var possibleTitles: Set<String>?

The set of possible titles to display on the bar button.

var customView: UIView?

A custom view representing the item.