A data object containing the specific customizations for a bar button item in a particular state.


class UIBarButtonItemStateAppearance : NSObject


Use a UIBarButtonItemStateAppearance object to customize the title and background image of your bar button items. Don't create UIBarButtonItemStateAppearance objects yourself. Instead, create a UIBarButtonItemAppearance object and use its properties to fetch the appearance attributes for the button in a particular state. For example, to set the button's attributes when it is in the normal state, configure the object in the normal property.


Configuring the Title

var titleTextAttributes: [NSAttributedString.Key : Any]

String attributes to apply to the text of the bar button item's title.

var titlePositionAdjustment: UIOffset

The additional amount by which to offset the title horizontally and vertically.

Configuring the Background Appearance

var backgroundImage: UIImage?

A background image to display around the button

var backgroundImagePositionAdjustment: UIOffset

The distance, in points, by which to offset the background image horizontally and vertically.


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Shared Appearance

class UIBarAppearance

An object for customizing the basic appearance of system bars.

class UIBarButtonItemAppearance

An object for customizing the appearance of bar button items.