Instance Property


The limiting value that helps avoid spikes at junctions between connected line segments.


@property(nonatomic) CGFloat miterLimit;


The miter limit helps you avoid spikes in paths that use the kCGLineJoinMiter join style. If the ratio of the miter length—that is, the diagonal length of the miter join—to the line thickness exceeds the miter limit, the joint is converted to a bevel join. The default miter limit is 10, which results in the conversion of miters whose angle at the joint is less than 11 degrees.

See Also

Accessing Drawing Properties


The line width of the path.


The shape of the paths end points when stroked.


The shape of the joints between connected segments of a stroked path.


The factor that determines the rendering accuracy for curved path segments.


A Boolean indicating whether the even-odd winding rule is in use for drawing paths.

- setLineDash:count:phase:

Sets the line-stroking pattern for the path.

- getLineDash:count:phase:

Retrieves the line-stroking pattern for the path.