Instance Method


Appends the contents of the specified path object to the receiver’s path.


func append(_ bezierPath: UIBezierPath)



The path to add to the receiver.


This method adds the commands used to create the path in bezierPath to the end of the receiver’s path. This method does not explicitly try to connect the subpaths in the two objects, although the operations in bezierPath might still cause that effect.

See Also

Constructing a Path

func move(to: CGPoint)

Moves the receiver’s current point to the specified location.

func addLine(to: CGPoint)

Appends a straight line to the receiver’s path.

func addCurve(to: CGPoint, controlPoint1: CGPoint, controlPoint2: CGPoint)

Appends a cubic Bézier curve to the receiver’s path.

func addQuadCurve(to: CGPoint, controlPoint: CGPoint)

Appends a quadratic Bézier curve to the receiver’s path.

func close()

Closes the most recently added subpath.

func removeAllPoints()

Removes all points from the receiver, effectively deleting all subpaths.

var cgPath: CGPath

The Core Graphics representation of the path.

var currentPoint: CGPoint

The current point in the graphics path.