Specifies the style of a button.


enum ButtonType : Int



case custom

No button style.

case system

A system style button, such as those shown in navigation bars and toolbars.

case detailDisclosure

A detail disclosure button.

case infoLight

An information button that has a light background.

case infoDark

An information button that has a dark background.

case contactAdd

A contact add button.

case plain

A standard system button without a blurred background view.

case close

A close button to dismiss panels and views.

static var roundedRect: UIButton.ButtonType

A rounded-rectangle style button.

See Also

Creating Buttons

init(type: UIButton.ButtonType)

Creates and returns a new button of the specified type.

class func systemButton(with: UIImage, target: Any?, action: Selector?) -> Self

Creates and returns a system type button with specified image, target, and action.