Instance Property


The speed at which items in the collection view are reordered to show potential drop locations.


var reorderingCadence: UICollectionView.ReorderingCadence { get set }


The default value in this property is UICollectionView.ReorderingCadence.immediate. You might specify a slower cadence when you want to prevent the reordering of items from being a distraction to the user. For example, you might slow it down if immediate reordering makes it more difficult to drop items at the correct location.

See Also

Managing Drop Interactions

var dropDelegate: UICollectionViewDropDelegate?

The delegate object that manages the dropping of items into the collection view.

var hasActiveDrop: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the collection view is currently tracking a drop session.

enum UICollectionView.ReorderingCadence

Constants indicating the speed at which collection view items are reorganized during a drop.