An object that contains information about a placeholder in the collection view.


protocol UICollectionViewDropPlaceholderContext


You do not create instances of this class yourself. For each placeholder cell that you insert into the collection view, the drop coordinator provides you with an instance of this class. You use this context object later to remove the placeholder cell, either by committing the actual data to your data source object or by deleting the placeholder cell.


Updating the Placeholder Cell

func commitInsertion(dataSourceUpdates: (IndexPath) -> Void) -> Bool

Exchanges the placeholder cell for a cell with the final content.


func setNeedsCellUpdate()

Updates the contents of the placeholder cell.


Removing the Placeholder Cell

func deletePlaceholder() -> Bool

Removes an unneeded placeholder cell altogether from the collection view.


Getting the Drag Item

var dragItem: UIDragItem

The drag item being represented by the placeholder cell.



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