Your proposed solution for handling a drop in a collection view.


class UICollectionViewDropProposal : UIDropProposal


Create instances of this class in the collectionView(_:dropSessionDidUpdate:withDestinationIndexPath:) method of your drop delegate object. You create drop proposals to let the collection view know how you intend to handle a drop at the currently specified location. The collection view uses that information to provide appropriate visual feedback to the user.


Creating a Drop Proposal

init(operation: UIDropOperation, intent: UICollectionViewDropProposal.Intent)

Creates a drop proposal object that specifies how to incorporate the dropped content.

Getting the Proposed Drop Location

var intent: UICollectionViewDropProposal.Intent

The option to use when incorporating the dropped items into your content.

enum UICollectionViewDropProposal.Intent

Constants indicating how you intend to handle a drop.

enum UIDropOperation

Operation types that determine how a drag and drop activity resolves when the user drops a drag item.


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Supporting Drag and Drop in Collection Views

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protocol UICollectionViewDropCoordinator

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protocol UICollectionViewDropItem

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