A context object that stores information specific to a focus update in a collection view.


class UICollectionViewFocusUpdateContext : UIFocusUpdateContext


When focus changes, the collection view delegate receives a context object with the relevant information. Your delegate methods use the information in this object to create animations or to perform other tasks related to the change in focus.


Locating Focusable Items in the Collection View

var previouslyFocusedIndexPath: IndexPath?

The index path of the collection view cell that previously had the focus.

var nextFocusedIndexPath: IndexPath?

The index path of the collection view cell that is receiving the focus.


Conforms To

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Layout Updates

protocol NSCollectionLayoutVisibleItem

An item that's currently visible within the bounds of a section.

typealias NSCollectionLayoutSectionVisibleItemsInvalidationHandler

A closure called before each layout cycle to allow modification of items in a section immediately before they are displayed.

class UICollectionViewUpdateItem

An object that describes a single change to make to an item in a collection view.

class UICollectionViewLayoutInvalidationContext

A context object that declares which parts of your layout need to be updated when the layout is invalidated.