Instance Method


Returns the layout attributes of an item when it is being moved interactively by the user.


func layoutAttributesForInteractivelyMovingItem(at indexPath: IndexPath, withTargetPosition position: CGPoint) -> UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes



The index path of the item being moved.


The current position of the item in the collection view’s coordinate system.

Return Value

The layout attributes of the item while it is at the specified position.


When an item is moving because of user interactivity, the layout object uses this method to retrieve layout attributes to use for the item while it is at the specified position. The default implementation of this method returns a copy of the item’s existing attributes with two changes: the center point is set to the value in position and the zIndex value is set to NSIntegerMax so that the item floats above other items in the collection view.

Subclasses can override this method and modify additional layout attributes as needed. If you override this method, call super first to retrieve the item’s existing attributes and then make your changes to the returned structure.

See Also

Providing Layout Attributes

class var layoutAttributesClass: AnyClass

Returns the class to use when creating layout attributes objects.

func prepare()

Tells the layout object to update the current layout.

func layoutAttributesForElements(in: CGRect) -> [UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes]?

Returns the layout attributes for all of the cells and views in the specified rectangle.

func layoutAttributesForItem(at: IndexPath) -> UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes?

Returns the layout attributes for the item at the specified index path.

func targetContentOffset(forProposedContentOffset: CGPoint) -> CGPoint

Returns the content offset to use after an animated layout update or change.