Instance Method


Returns the layout attributes for the item at the specified index path.


func layoutAttributesForItem(at indexPath: IndexPath) -> UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes?



The index path of the item.

Return Value

A layout attributes object containing the information to apply to the item’s cell.


Subclasses must override this method and use it to return layout information for items in the collection view. You use this method to provide layout information only for items that have a corresponding cell. Do not use it for supplementary views or decoration views.

See Also

Providing Layout Attributes

class var layoutAttributesClass: AnyClass

Returns the class to use when creating layout attributes objects.

func prepare()

Tells the layout object to update the current layout.

func layoutAttributesForElements(in: CGRect) -> [UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes]?

Returns the layout attributes for all of the cells and views in the specified rectangle.

func layoutAttributesForInteractivelyMovingItem(at: IndexPath, withTargetPosition: CGPoint) -> UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes

Returns the layout attributes of an item when it is being moved interactively by the user.

func targetContentOffset(forProposedContentOffset: CGPoint) -> CGPoint

Returns the content offset to use after an animated layout update or change.

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