An object that describes a single change to make to an item in a collection view.


You do not create instances of this class directly. When updating its content, the collection view object creates them and passes them to the layout object’s prepare(forCollectionViewUpdates:) method, which can use them to prepare the layout object for the upcoming changes.


Accessing the Item Changes

var indexPathBeforeUpdate: IndexPath?

The index path of the item before the update.

var indexPathAfterUpdate: IndexPath?

The index path of the item after the update.

var updateAction: UICollectionUpdateAction

The action being performed on the item.


enum UICollectionUpdateAction

Constants indicating the type of action being performed on an item.


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See Also


class UICollectionViewFocusUpdateContext

A context object that stores information specific to a focus update in a collection view.

class UICollectionViewLayoutInvalidationContext

A context object that declares which parts of your layout need to be updated when the layout is invalidated.

class UICollectionViewFlowLayoutInvalidationContext

A set of properties for determining whether to recompute the size of items or their position in the layout.