Instance Method


Adds a dynamic item to the collision behavior’s item array.


- (void)addItem:(id<UIDynamicItem>)item;



The dynamic item to add to the item array.


You can add a dynamic item to one or more collision behaviors. For example, you can use two collision behaviors to specify that item A can collide with item B and that item C can collide with item D, but that items A and B ignore items C and D.

There is no hard limit to the number of dynamic items you can add to a collision behavior. However, adding a large number of items might result in a performance impact. Be sure to test your behaviors on the device configurations you are targeting.

See Also

Initializing and Managing a Collision Behavior

- initWithItems:

Initializes a collision behavior with an array of dynamic items.

- removeItem:

Removes a specific dynamic item from the collision behavior.


Returns the set of dynamic items you’ve added to the collision behavior.