Instance Method


Creates and returns a color object that has the same color space and component values as the receiver, but has the specified alpha component.


func withAlphaComponent(_ alpha: CGFloat) -> UIColor



The opacity value of the new color object, specified as a value from 0.0 to 1.0. Alpha values below 0.0 are interpreted as 0.0, and values above 1.0 are interpreted as 1.0

Return Value

The new UIColor object.


A subclass with explicit opacity components should override this method to return a color with the specified alpha.

See Also

Creating a UIColor Object from another Representation of Color

init(ciColor: CIColor)

Initializes and returns a color object that encapsulates a Core Image color.

init(cgColor: CGColor)

Initializes and returns a color object using the specified Quartz color reference.