A collection of methods that give controls an easy way to adopt automatic adjustment to content category changes.


protocol UIContentSizeCategoryAdjusting


Adjusting the Size of Fonts

var adjustsFontForContentSizeCategory: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the object automatically updates its font when the device's content size category changes.



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Getting a Scaled Font

Scale text in your interface automatically by creating fonts that support Dynamic Type.

Adding a Custom Font to Your App

Add a custom font to your app and use it in your app’s interface.

class UIFont

The interface for getting and setting font information.

class UIFontDescriptor

A mechanism to describe a font with a dictionary of attributes.

struct UIFontDescriptor.SymbolicTraits

A symbolic description of the stylistic aspects of a font.

class UIFontMetrics

A utility object for obtaining custom fonts that scale to support Dynamic Type.