An action to display when the user swipes a table row.


class UIContextualAction : NSObject


Create UIContextualAction objects to define the types of actions that can be performed when the user swipes left or right on a table row. Use your actions to initialize a UISwipeActionsConfiguration object in your table view delegate object.


Creating the Contextual Action

init(style: UIContextualAction.Style, title: String?, handler: UIContextualAction.Handler)

Creates a new contextual action with the specified title and handler.

Configuring the Appearance

var title: String?

The title displayed on the action button.

var backgroundColor: UIColor!

The background color of the action button.

var image: UIImage?

The image to display in the action button.

Getting the Configuration Details

var handler: UIContextualAction.Handler

The handler block to execute when the user selects the action.

typealias UIContextualAction.Handler

The handler block to call in response to the selection of an action

var style: UIContextualAction.Style

The style that is applied to the action button.

enum UIContextualAction.Style

Constants indicating the style information that is applied to the action button.


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See Also

Row Actions

class UISwipeActionsConfiguration

The set of actions to perform when swiping on rows of a table.

class UITableViewRowAction

A single action to present when the user swipes horizontally in a table row.