Instance Method


Stops the delivery of events to the specified target object.


- (void)removeTarget:(id)target action:(SEL)action forControlEvents:(UIControlEvents)controlEvents;



A target object registered with the control. Specify nil to remove the specified control events for all target objects.


A selector identifying a registered action method. You may specify nil for this parameter.


A bitmask specifying the control events that you want to remove for the specified target object. For a list of possible constants, see UIControlEvents.


Use this method to prevent the delivery of control events to target objects associated with control. If you specify a valid object in the target parameter, this method stops the delivery of the specified events to all action methods associated with that object. If you specify nil for the target parameter, this method prevents the delivery of those events to all action methods of all target objects.

Although the action parameter is not considered when stopping the delivery of events, you should specify an appropriate value anyway. If the specified target/action combination no longer has any valid control events associated with it, the control cleans up its corresponding internal data structures. Doing so can affect the set of objects returned by the allTargets method.

See Also

Accessing the Control’s Targets and Actions

- addTarget:action:forControlEvents:

Associates a target object and action method with the control.

- actionsForTarget:forControlEvent:

Returns the actions performed on a target object when the specified event occurs.


Returns the events for which the control has associated actions.


Returns all target objects associated with the control.