Constants describing the state of a control.


struct State


A control can have more than one state at a time. Controls can be configured differently based on their state. For example, a UIButton object can be configured to display one image when it is in its normal state and a different image when it is highlighted.



static var normal: UIControl.State

The normal, or default state of a control—that is, enabled but neither selected nor highlighted.

static var highlighted: UIControl.State

Highlighted state of a control.

static var disabled: UIControl.State

Disabled state of a control.

static var selected: UIControl.State

Selected state of a control.

static var focused: UIControl.State

Focused state of a control.

static var application: UIControl.State

Additional control-state flags available for application use.

static var reserved: UIControl.State

Control-state flags reserved for internal framework use.


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