Instance Property


The minimum date that a date picker can show.


var minimumDate: Date? { get set }


Use this property to configure the minimum date that is selected in the date picker interface. The property contains an NSDate object or nil (the default), which means no minimum date. This property, along with the maximumDate property, lets you specify a valid date range. If the minimum date value is greater than the maximum date value, both properties are ignored. The minimum and maximum dates are also ignored in the countdown-timer mode (UIDatePicker.Mode.countDownTimer).

See Also

Configuring Temporal Attributes

var maximumDate: Date?

The maximum date that a date picker can show.

var minuteInterval: Int

The interval at which the date picker should display minutes.

var countDownDuration: TimeInterval

The value displayed by the date picker when the mode property is set to show a countdown time.