Instance Property


The localized name of the document.


var localizedName: String { get }


By default, UIKit obtains the value from the filename component of fileURL. You can override the getter accessor method of this property to provide a custom name for presentation to the user, such as in error strings. See “Subclassing Notes” in the class description for overriding advice.

UIKit sets this property before it calls the completion handlers of the open(completionHandler:), save(to:for:completionHandler:), and revert(toContentsOf:completionHandler:). If, outside of these methods or their completion handlers, you want to wait for any pending file operations to complete before you access this property, you can call performAsynchronousFileAccess(_:) and access the property value in the block parameter.

See Also

Accessing Document Attributes

var fileURL: URL

The file URL with which the document was initialized.

var fileType: String?

The file type of the document.

var fileModificationDate: Date?

The date and time the document file was last modified.

var documentState: UIDocument.State

Returns the current state of the document.

var progress: Progress?

The upload or download progress of a document.