Instance Method


Tells UIKit that you have finished handled the error.


func finishedHandlingError(_ error: Error, recovered: Bool)



An error object encapsulating information about the error.


true if you recovered from the error, otherwise false.


This method is called by default when handling of an error (including any user interaction) is complete. Subclasses need to call this method only if they override handleError(_:userInteractionPermitted:) and do not call the superclass implementation (super). If you override this method, you must call super.

See Also

Resolving Conflicts and Handling Errors

func handleError(Error, userInteractionPermitted: Bool)

Called or overridden to handle an error that occurs during an attempt to read, save, or revert a document.

func userInteractionNoLongerPermitted(forError: Error)

Sent when it is no longer safe to proceed without immediately handling the error.