Instance Method


Overridden to update the change count with reference to a change-count token passed in by UIKit.


func updateChangeCount(withToken changeCountToken: Any, for saveOperation: UIDocument.SaveOperation)



An object to use as a change-count token. UIDocument obtained this token earlier by calling changeCountToken(for:).


A constant that indicates whether the save operation is writing a new file or overwriting an existing one. See UIDocument.SaveOperation for descriptions of these constants.


To get autosaving capabilities for your documents, you must implement change tracking. Typically you do this by using an UndoManager object (assigned to undoManager property) to register changes or by calling the updateChangeCount(_:) method every time the user makes a change; UIKit then automatically determines whether there are unsaved changes and returns the proper value from hasUnsavedChanges. If you take neither of these approaches (and you want the autosaving feature), you must implement this method as well as changeCountToken(for:) and hasUnsavedChanges.

You implement the changeCountToken(for:) method to return a change-count token that UIKit uses to encapsulate the history of document changes for a particular save operation. The token can be any object that represents the current change state of the document. This method is called at the start of the default implementation of the save(to:for:completionHandler:) method. At the end of this default implementation, UIDocument calls this method (updateChangeCount(withToken:for:)), passing in the change-count token. You implement this method to compare the token with the one returned earlier; by doing so, you can determine if the document has acquired new unsaved changes between the start and end of an asynchronous write operation. You can then return the proper value from your override of hasUnsavedChanges.

See Also

Tracking Changes and Autosaving

var hasUnsavedChanges: Bool

Returns whether the document has any unsaved changes.

func updateChangeCount(UIDocument.ChangeKind)

Update the change counter by indicating the kind of change.

var undoManager: UndoManager!

The undo manager for the document.

func changeCountToken(for: UIDocument.SaveOperation) -> Any

Overridden to return a change token for a specific save operation.

func autosave(completionHandler: ((Bool) -> Void)? = nil)

Called by UIKit to initiate automatic saving of documents with unsaved changes.