Instance Method


Opens a document asynchronously.


- (void)openWithCompletionHandler:(void (^)(BOOL success))completionHandler;



A block with code to execute after the open operation concludes. The block returns no value and has one parameter:


YES if the open operation succeeds, otherwise NO.

The block is invoked on the main queue.


Call this method to begin the sequence of method calls that opens and reads a document asynchronously. The method obtains the file-system location of the document from the fileURL property. After the open operation concludes, the code in completionHandler is executed.

You can override this method if you want custom document-opening behavior, but if you do it is recommended that you call the superclass implementation first (super). If you don’t call super, you should use the NSFileCoordinator class to implement coordinated reading. The default implementation calls performAsynchronousFileAccessUsingBlock: to schedule the document-reading work for execution on a background queue and then, from the dispatched block, performs file coordination. The queued task then calls readFromURL:error:.

See Also

Reading Document Data

- loadFromContents:ofType:error:

Override this method to load the document data into the app’s data model.

- readFromURL:error:

Reads the document data in a file at a specified location in the application sandbox.