Instance Method


Sent when it is no longer safe to proceed without immediately handling the error.


func userInteractionNoLongerPermitted(forError error: Error)



An error object encapsulating information about the error.


UIKit calls this method when it is no longer safe to proceed without immediately handling the error, such as when the application is being suspended. Subclasses that override this method must immediately end error handling (including dismissing any interactive user interface) and call finishedHandlingError(_:recovered:) before returning. It is only necessary to override this method if you override handleError(_:userInteractionPermitted:) without invoking the superclass implementation (super).

See Also

Resolving Conflicts and Handling Errors

func handleError(Error, userInteractionPermitted: Bool)

Called or overridden to handle an error that occurs during an attempt to read, save, or revert a document.

func finishedHandlingError(Error, recovered: Bool)

Tells UIKit that you have finished handled the error.

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