Instance Method


Tells the delegate that the user has selected one or more documents.


- (void)documentBrowser:(UIDocumentBrowserViewController *)controller didPickDocumentURLs:(NSArray<NSURL *> *)documentURLs;



The current document browser.


An array of URLs for the selected documents.

If the document browser's allowsPickingMultipleItems property is YES, the array contains one or more URLs. If NO, it contains only a single URL.


Implement this method to process the documents selected by the user. Typically, you create a view controller to display the selected documents, then present that view modally (see Listing 1).

Listing 1

Opening selected documents

// Did Select Documents
func documentBrowser(_ controller: UIDocumentBrowserViewController,
                     didPickDocumentURLs documentURLs: [URL]) {
    assert(controller.allowsPickingMultipleItems == false)
    assert(documentURLs.count > 0,
           "*** We received an empty array of documents ***")
    assert(documentURLs.count <= 1,
           "*** We received more than one document ***")
    guard let url = documentURLs.first else {
        fatalError("*** No URL Found! ***")
    openDocument(controller, forFileURL: url)

private func openDocument(_ controller: UIDocumentBrowserViewController,
                          forFileURL url: URL) {
    let doc = // Create a UIDocument subclass for the selected URL.

    let editor = // Create a view controller to edit the document.

    // Optionally, set up a transition controller here...
    { (success) in
        guard success else {
            // Handle the error here...
        // Present the document
        controller.present(editor, animated: true, completion: nil)