A set of methods that you implement to track when the user selects a document or destination, or to track when the operation is canceled.


protocol UIDocumentPickerDelegate


Responding to User Actions

func documentPicker(UIDocumentPickerViewController, didPickDocumentsAt: [URL])

Tells the delegate that the user has selected one or more documents.

func documentPickerWasCancelled(UIDocumentPickerViewController)

Tells the delegate that the user canceled the document picker.

func documentPicker(UIDocumentPickerViewController, didPickDocumentAt: URL)

Tells the delegate that the user has selected a document or a destination.



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See Also

Getting the User-Selected Document

var delegate: UIDocumentPickerDelegate?

An object that adheres to the UIDocumentPickerDelegate protocol.

var allowsMultipleSelection: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the user can select more than one document at a time.

var directoryURL: URL?

The initial directory displayed by the document picker.