Instance Property


The URL of the file to be exported. (read-only)


var originalURL: URL? { get }


While in UIDocumentPickerModeExportToService mode, this property contains the original URL of the file to be copied. Otherwise it is nil.

See Also

Managing the User Interface

func dismissGrantingAccess(to: URL?)

Dismisses the document picker.

var documentPickerMode: UIDocumentPickerMode

The document picker’s file-transfer operation. (read-only)

var documentStorageURL: URL?

The root URL for documents provided by the corresponding File Provider extension. (read-only)

func prepareForPresentation(in: UIDocumentPickerMode)

Performs any custom configuration of the document picker view controller.

var providerIdentifier: String

An identifier shared by this Document Picker extension and its corresponding File Provider extension. (read-only)

var validTypes: [String]?

An array of valid uniform type identifiers.