A representation of an underlying data item being dragged from one location to another.


class UIDragItem : NSObject


Initializing a Drag Item

init(itemProvider: NSItemProvider)

Initializes a new drag item with a specified item provider.

Accessing the Drag Item's Data

var itemProvider: NSItemProvider

The item provider associated with the drag item.

var localObject: Any?

A custom object associated with the drag item.

Changing the Drag Item Preview

var previewProvider: (() -> UIDragPreview?)?

A visual preview of the drag item, displayed while the user drags the item across the screen.


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Drag Sources

protocol UIDragDropSession

The common interface for querying the state of both drag sessions and drop sessions.

protocol UIDragSession

The interface for configuring a drag session.

protocol UIDragAnimating

The interface for providing custom animation alongside the system's lift, drop, and cancellation animations.