A set of parameters for adjusting the appearance of a drag item preview or a targeted drag item preview.


class UIDragPreviewParameters : UIPreviewParameters


You can refine the appearance of a preview by providing additional parameters when creating a UIDragPreview or UITargetedDragPreview object. The parameters specify different visual aspects of the preview, including the background color and the visible area of the view associated with the preview.


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Custom Drag Item Previews

class UIDragPreview

A graphical preview for a single drag item, used by the system after a drag has started and when no related animation is running.

class UIDragPreviewTarget

A geometric specification for the source or destination of a drag item preview, used by the system when a user drops items or cancels a drag activity.

class UITargetedDragPreview

A drag item preview used by the system during lift, drop, or cancellation animation.