A configuration for the behavior of a drop interaction, required if a view accepts drop activities.


class UIDropProposal : NSObject


If a view’s drop interaction delegate accepts dropped drag items, it must return a drop proposal in its implementation of the dropInteraction(_:sessionDidUpdate:) method.


Initializing a Drop Proposal

init(operation: UIDropOperation)

Initializes a new drop proposal with a drop operation type.

var operation: UIDropOperation

The drop operation that the drop interaction proposes to perform.

Configuring a Drop Proposal

var isPrecise: Bool

A Boolean value that proposes that the drop interaction define the drop location precisely, such as at a specific point within existing text.

var prefersFullSizePreview: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates that the drag item preview should be shown at its full, original size.


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Drop Destinations

protocol UIDropSession

The interface for querying a drop session about its state and associated drag items.

enum UIDropOperation

Operation types that determine how a drag and drop activity resolves when the user drops a drag item.

enum UIDropSessionProgressIndicatorStyle

The drop-progress indicator styles for the drop session, used while data is moving from the source to the destination.