The interface for querying a drop session about its state and associated drag items.


protocol UIDropSession


Getting the Drag Session

var localDragSession: UIDragSession?

The drag session that corresponds to this drop session, for in-app drag activities.


Loading Objects

func loadObjects(ofClass: NSItemProviderReading.Type, completion: ([NSItemProviderReading]) -> Void) -> Progress

Creates and loads a new instance of the specified class for each drag item in the session.

Required. Default implementation provided.

Showing a Progress Indicator

var progressIndicatorStyle: UIDropSessionProgressIndicatorStyle

The drop-progress indicator style associated with the drop session.



See Also

Drop Destinations

class UIDropProposal

A configuration for the behavior of a drop interaction, required if a view accepts drop activities.

enum UIDropOperation

Operation types that determine how a drag and drop activity resolves when the user drops a drag item.

enum UIDropSessionProgressIndicatorStyle

The drop-progress indicator styles for the drop session, used while data is moving from the source to the destination.