Type Method


Returns information about whether the item can be focused, including any known issues that would prevent the item from being focused.


class func checkFocusability(for item: UIFocusItem) -> UIFocusDebuggerOutput


Call this method from the lldb debugger using the following commands. In the examples, item corresponds to an object that adopts the UIFocusItem protocol.

Listing 1

Getting help

po UIFocusDebugger.checkFocusability(for: item)

The method returns the focus-related information, including known issues.

See Also

Getting Focus Information

class func status() -> UIFocusDebuggerOutput

Returns the state of the focus system, including information about the currently focused item.

class func simulateFocusUpdateRequest(from: UIFocusEnvironment) -> UIFocusDebuggerOutput

Simulates a focus update request from the specified environment.

protocol UIFocusDebuggerOutput

An interface for specifying output from a focus debugger object.