An interface for specifying output from a focus debugger object.


protocol UIFocusDebuggerOutput


Do not use this protocol directly in your code. When debugging your app from the lldb command line, the methods of UIFocusDebugger output their results to an object that adopts this protocol. The debugger takes the output and formats it for display.


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Getting Focus Information

class func status() -> UIFocusDebuggerOutput

Returns the state of the focus system, including information about the currently focused item.

class func checkFocusability(for: UIFocusItem) -> UIFocusDebuggerOutput

Returns information about whether the item can be focused, including any known issues that would prevent the item from being focused.

class func simulateFocusUpdateRequest(from: UIFocusEnvironment) -> UIFocusDebuggerOutput

Simulates a focus update request from the specified environment.