Instance Method


Asks the delegate for the identifier of the sound to play when the object gains focus.


- (UIFocusSoundIdentifier)soundIdentifierForFocusUpdateInContext:(UIFocusUpdateContext *)context;



The context object associated with the update.

Return Value

The identifier of the sound to be played. Return nil if you want to let the parent focus environment determine which sound to play.


Use this method to return a custom sound when the focus environment object gains focus. Return UIFocusSoundIdentifierDefault to play the default system sound, or return UIFocusSoundIdentifierNone to avoid playing a sound altogether. If you previously registered custom sounds using the registerURL:forSoundIdentifier: method of UIFocusSystem, you may also return an identifier for a sound that you registered.

If you do not implement this method, the system assumes a nil return value. If no ancestor environment defines a custom sound, the system plays the UIFocusSoundIdentifierDefault sound.

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