An object that can become focused.


protocol UIFocusItem


An object that conforms to the UIFocusItem protocol is capable of participating in the focus system; further, only UIFocusItem objects can be focused.

Even when an object that conforms to UIFocusItem is not currently focusable, it may still have an effect on the focus system. For example, items that are not focusable, but that completely obscure other items, may prevent those other items from being focusable, because they are not visible to the user. Also, because UIFocusItem conforms to UIFocusEnvironment, items that are not focusable may still affect the focus behavior of items they contain, or react to focus updates.


Determining Focusability

var canBecomeFocused: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the item can become focused.


var isFocused: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the item is currently focused.

Retrieving the Item Frame

var frame: CGRect

The geometric frame of the item.


Providing Movement Hints

func didHintFocusMovement(UIFocusMovementHint)

Indicates to the currently focused item that focus movement might occur.


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