Creates and returns a font object for the specified font name and size.


init?(name fontName: String, size fontSize: CGFloat)



The fully specified name of the font. This name incorporates both the font family name and the specific style information for the font.


The size (in points) to which the font is scaled. This value must be greater than 0.0.

Return Value

A font object of the specified name and size.


You can use the fontNames(forFamilyName:) method to retrieve the specific font names for a given font family.

See Also

Creating Fonts

class func preferredFont(forTextStyle: UIFontTextStyle)

Returns an instance of the system font for the specified text style and scaled appropriately for the user's selected content size category.

class func preferredFont(forTextStyle: UIFontTextStyle, compatibleWith: UITraitCollection?)

Returns an instance of the system font for the appropriate text style and traits.

init(descriptor: UIFontDescriptor, size: CGFloat)

Returns a font matching the given font descriptor.

func withSize(CGFloat)

Returns a font object that is the same as the receiver but which has the specified size instead.