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struct Weight


Type Properties

static let black: UIFont.Weight

The black font weight.

static let bold: UIFont.Weight

The bold font weight

static let heavy: UIFont.Weight

The heavy font weight.

static let light: UIFont.Weight

The light font weight.

static let medium: UIFont.Weight

The medium font weight.

static let regular: UIFont.Weight

The regular font weight.

static let semibold: UIFont.Weight

The semibold font weight.

static let thin: UIFont.Weight

The thin font weight.

static let ultraLight: UIFont.Weight

The ultra light font weight.


See Also

Getting Font Metrics

var pointSize: CGFloat

The receiver’s point size, or the effective vertical point size for a font with a nonstandard matrix.

var ascender: CGFloat

The top y-coordinate, offset from the baseline, of the receiver’s longest ascender.

var descender: CGFloat

The bottom y-coordinate, offset from the baseline, of the receiver’s longest descender.

var leading: CGFloat

The receiver’s leading information.

var capHeight: CGFloat

The receiver’s cap height information.

var xHeight: CGFloat

The x-height of the receiver.

var lineHeight: CGFloat

The height of text lines (measured in points).

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