The drawing environment associated with an image renderer.


class UIGraphicsImageRendererContext : UIGraphicsRendererContext


When using the UIGraphicsImageRenderer drawing methods, you must pass a block of type UIGraphicsImageRenderer.DrawingActions as an argument, which provides a UIGraphicsImageRendererContext instance as an argument. Use the context object to access high-level drawing functions and the underlying Core Graphics context.

To learn how to use a UIGraphicsImageRendererContext object in combination with an image renderer, see Creating a Graphics Image Renderer.


Getting the Image

var currentImage: UIImage

The current state of the drawing context, expressed as an object that manages image data in your app.

Getting the Image Drawing Actions


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Drawing Contexts

class UIGraphicsRenderer

An abstract base class for creating graphics renderers.

class UIGraphicsRendererContext

The base class for the drawing environments associated with graphics renderers.

class UIGraphicsRendererFormat

A set of drawing attributes that represent the configuration of a graphics renderer context.

class UIGraphicsImageRenderer

A graphics renderer for creating Core Graphics-backed images.

class UIGraphicsImageRendererFormat

A set of drawing attributes that represent the configuration of an image renderer context.

class UIGraphicsPDFRenderer

A graphics renderer for creating PDFs.

typealias UIGraphicsPDFRenderer.DrawingActions

A handler block that you use to draw PDF content.

class UIGraphicsPDFRendererContext

A drawing environment associated with a PDF renderer.

class UIGraphicsPDFRendererFormat

A set of drawing attributes that represents the configuration of a PDF renderer context.