Type Alias


A handler block that you use to draw PDF content.


typealias DrawingActions = (UIGraphicsPDFRendererContext) -> Void


UIGraphicsPDFDrawingActions defines a block type that takes a UIGraphicsPDFRendererContext object as an argument and has no return value.

You provide a block of this type as an argument to the PDF drawing methods on UIGraphicsPDFRenderer, as listed in Rendering PDFs. Your block should use the provided PDF renderer context to perform the drawing operations you want the renderer to execute.

See Creating a PDF with a PDF Renderer for an example use of a UIGraphicsPDFDrawingActions block.

See Also

Drawing Contexts

class UIGraphicsRenderer

An abstract base class for creating graphics renderers.

class UIGraphicsRendererContext

The base class for the drawing environments associated with graphics renderers.

class UIGraphicsRendererFormat

A set of drawing attributes that represent the configuration of a graphics renderer context.

class UIGraphicsImageRenderer

A graphics renderer for creating Core Graphics-backed images.

class UIGraphicsImageRendererContext

The drawing environment associated with an image renderer.

class UIGraphicsImageRendererFormat

A set of drawing attributes that represent the configuration of an image renderer context.

class UIGraphicsPDFRenderer

A graphics renderer for creating PDFs.

class UIGraphicsPDFRendererContext

A drawing environment associated with a PDF renderer.

class UIGraphicsPDFRendererFormat

A set of drawing attributes that represents the configuration of a PDF renderer context.