Type Method


Applies the configuration specified in the renderer context to the Core Graphics context.


+ (void)prepareCGContext:(CGContextRef)context withRendererContext:(UIGraphicsRendererContext *)rendererContext;



The Core Graphics context that the graphics renderer performs drawing actions on.


The renderer context object that is provided to the runDrawingActions:completionActions:error: method. This object is of the type returned by the rendererContextClass static method.


The graphics renderer calls this method when the runDrawingActions:completionActions:error: method is invoked. Override this method in a subclass to configure the underlying Core Graphics context before the renderer begins renderering.

Core Graphics contexts are reused for repeated calls to the runDrawingActions:completionActions:error: method. Therefore, be sure to clean up the context to make it ready for reuse.

See Also

Managing Graphics Contexts

+ contextWithFormat:

Creates a Core Graphics context configured according to the supplied format object.

+ rendererContextClass

Specifies the drawing context class used by this graphics renderer.