Instance Method


Draws a tiled Quartz pattern using the receiver’s contents as the tile pattern.


- (void)drawAsPatternInRect:(CGRect)rect;



The rectangle (in the coordinate system of the graphics context) in which to draw the image.


This method uses a Quartz pattern to tile the image in the specified rectangle. The image is tiled with no gaps and the fill color is ignored. In the default coordinate system, the image tiles are situated down and to the right of the origin of the specified rectangle. This method respects any transforms applied to the current graphics context, however.

See Also

Drawing Images

- drawAtPoint:

Draws the image at the specified point in the current context.

- drawAtPoint:blendMode:alpha:

Draws the entire image at the specified point using the custom compositing options.

- drawInRect:

Draws the entire image in the specified rectangle, scaling it as needed to fit.

- drawInRect:blendMode:alpha:

Draws the entire image in the specified rectangle and using the specified compositing options.