Instance Property


Returns the time interval used to display an animated image.


var duration: TimeInterval { get }


For a non-animated image, the value of this property is 0.0.

See Also

Image Attributes

var imageOrientation: UIImage.Orientation

The orientation of the receiver’s image.

enum UIImage.Orientation

A value describing the intended display orientation for an image.

var flipsForRightToLeftLayoutDirection: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the image should flip in a right-to-left layout.

var resizingMode: UIImage.ResizingMode

The resizing mode of the image.

enum UIImage.ResizingMode

Specifies the possible resizing modes for an image.

var capInsets: UIEdgeInsets

The end-cap insets.

var alignmentRectInsets: UIEdgeInsets

The alignment metadata used to position the image during layout.

var isSymbolImage: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the image is vector-based.