Instance Property


The view to display on top of the default image picker interface.


var cameraOverlayView: UIView? { get set }


You can use an overlay view to present a custom view hierarchy on top of the default image picker interface. The image picker layers your custom overlay view on top of the other image picker views and positions it relative to the screen coordinates. If you have the default camera controls set to be visible, incorporate transparency into your view, or position it to avoid obscuring the underlying content.

You can access this property only when the source type of the image picker is set to Attempting to access this property for other source types results in throwing an invalidArgumentException exception.

See Also

Customizing the Camera Controls

var showsCameraControls: Bool

Indicates whether the image picker displays the default camera controls.

var cameraViewTransform: CGAffineTransform

The transform to apply to the camera’s preview image.

Customizing an Image Picker Controller

Manage user interactions and present custom information when taking pictures by adding an overlay view to your image picker.