Instance Property


Indicates whether the image picker displays the default camera controls.


@property(nonatomic) BOOL showsCameraControls;


The default value of this property is YES, which specifies that the default camera controls are visible in the picker. Set it to NO to hide the default controls if you want to instead provide a custom overlay view using the cameraOverlayView property.

If you set this property to NO and provide your own custom controls, you can take multiple pictures before dismissing the image picker interface. However, if you set this property to YES, your delegate must dismiss the image picker interface after the user takes one picture or cancels the operation.

You can access this property only when the source type of the image picker is set to UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera. Attempting to access this property for other source types results in the throwing of an NSInvalidArgumentException exception. Depending on the value you assign to the mediaTypes property, the default controls display the still camera or movie camera interface, or a selection control that lets the user choose the picker interface.

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